A static HTML site can be a great first step for your journey

We want to support those of you that are looking for a simple & affordable website, to help you 'get out there' and start growing an idea into a business. For that reason, we've put together a unique and all-inclusive website package, with a guaranteed price tag of just £500 and ongoing support for no less than five years!

What is a static HTML website?

Static HTML simply means that the content on your site, will stay the same unless you ask us to make changes. This is unlike our Craft CMS websites, which include a control panel for making changes to the content, layout and behaviour of the website.

If you can forgo this functionality and mostly want to leave your site alone once it's been published, a static HTML site can be a fantastic option with lower build & running costs.

What can a static HTML website be used for?

These sites are suitable for many different use cases, including but not limited to;

  • Basic marketing websites with a handful of informative pages & contact form
  • Landing pages for startup companies
  • Landing pages to support targeted marketing campaigns
  • 'Proof of concept' websites

What are the limitations?

The list of limitations is a short one, but it's important to make sure that you're okay with the following points;

  1. You will be unable to make changes to your website without our help
  2. The layout and styling for your site, will be based on a quality pre-built template
  3. Your site will support basic integrations only, such as share buttons and newsletter signup
  4. Your site can include a simple contact form, but no additional or advanced forms are available
  5. No support for multiple languages or blogging

If you're happy with the limitations above, simply get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss the details !

Examples of static HTML sites

Here are three of our favourite static HTML sites that we've built for our clients...

Getting started

Our process for creating static HTML sites has been highly optimised for efficiency and minimal friction for our clients.

  1. Initial consultation call to discuss requirements and answer any questions
  2. You'll be asked to complete simple questionnaire (choose template, provide content/assets, choose a domain)
  3. We begin building your site, which will be ready testing & sign-off within 1 week
  4. You test the site via private preview URL, with the option for a single round of amends
  5. Sign-off, payment and launch!

Static HTML sites can be built and launched in a little as just 2 weeks, assuming prompt responses and payment.

Our comprehensive support & hosting plan is only £25 per month for static sites and is also guaranteed for 5 YEARS!

Like the sound of this? Give us a call !