Retaining clients is a matter of providing an exceptional service, backed by equally-exceptional technologies.

The alternative approach, which too many web agencies choose to adopt, is to entrap clients by making it difficult (or impossible) for them to leave.

Such an approach leads to a negative experience for clients, requiring them to engage in a battle with a supplier that they should instead be supported by and collaborating with. We've personally witness web agency clients have to start from scratch, as their only option to be free of a web agency that prioritises their bottom line.

There is no denying the important of income and cashflow, but we're committed to the belief that keeping clients happy and charging fair amounts for the work we do, will allow us to keep the lights on while still fulfilling our primary goals as an agency;
  • To achieve the perfect blend of best-in-class web technologies and quality of service.
  • To be transparent but also shield our clients from technical burden and complexities.
  • To exceed expectations as often as possible and never disappoint a client.

Steps we've taken to ensure our clients have the freedom to relocate their website

First and foremost, our baseline support & maintenance package is top-tier and highly affordable, with prices starting at just £25 per month.

All support & maintenance contracts are on a rolling monthly basis, unless a bespoke Service Level Agreement is in place (for our enterprise clients).

We use reputable and widely-supported tools & technologies, which any high-calibre web agency would be happy to support.

The sites we build can be easily packaged up and delivered to other developers. Guaranteed handover within 14 days of notice.

If the day comes where a client decides to leave us, they will receive a standing offer to rejoin our agency with open arms.