Craft CMS is a platform which allows us to construct secure, efficient & highly scalable websites

  • A best-in-class website CMS platform, designed to stand the test of time with regular updates
  • Can be configured to make all website content editable, including images & navigation menus
  • Baked-in support for multi-language websites
  • Easy integration with countless third-party services & APIs
  • Beautiful & simplistic control panel with multi-user support and comprehensive permissions
  • Highly standardised and portable; there is a huge community of developers and web agencies that specialise in Craft CMS
  • The long list of valuable features, goes on
Craft CMS allows us to offer clients absolute best web technologies, in a well-supported and highly-expandable way. When using Craft CMS, the sky's the limit.

If you're looking for something more basic, have a look at our Static HTML website offering.

Who created Craft CMS?

The platform was founded by Pixel & Tonic, back in 2010. This mastermind team has since evolved the platform into an extremely flexible, robust and efficient content management system. In 2018, version 3 was launched and will enjoy full support and updates from Pixel & Tonic for years to come.

You'll never have to communicate with anybody outside of Darwin Software, but in the extremely rare case that you experience a problem with Craft CMS, we have a direct line of communication with the Pixel & Tonic support team. The support provided by this team, earns a solid 5 stars - every time.

Does Craft CMS have a plugin store?

Yes, though these plugins should not be mistaken for the 'plug and play' options offered by the likes of WordPress. Craft takes a similar but superior approach.

The Craft CMS plugin store is designed to give developers a huge head-start when implementing new functionality on a website. For example, if a client wants all of their YouTube videos to be synced with their website, we can source a plugin which ships with all of the API coding required to communicate with YouTube. This saves us days of development time, as we only need to configure the behaviour of the plugin, rather than writing the entire solution from scratch.

All plugins featured on the Craft store are vetted, fully updatable and streamlined for performance. Some plugins do require a license with small fees, though many useful plugins are complete free to install and use.

In the event that a desired plugin doesn't exist, we are able to write our own Craft CMS plugins for those 'most niche' requirements.

How does Craft CMS compare to WordPress?

Craft CMS outperforms WordPress in every relevant category, except for popularity and cost.

WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform, back in 2003. Since then, the CMS platform has exploded into one of the most popular free platforms for DIY websites, on the entire internet. This popularity and zero-cost model is the platforms greatest blessing, but also its greatest curse.

Put simply, WordPress can be extremely hard work for developers and can easily lead to disappointment for clients. Almost two decades of crowd-sourced evolution has led to substantial bloat and issues with performance, security, scalability and longevity - none of which are applicable to Craft CMS. There is a lot you need to get right during build and ongoing maintenance, if you want to avoid these ubiquitous problems and have a healthy & reliable WordPress site.

Of course there are agencies out there who successfully navigate some of the shortcomings and pitfalls of the platform. However, the problem for us, is that WordPress is ultimately a far cry from being a 'best in class' technology. We simply cannot stand behind WordPress as a solution that will give our clients a great experience, in the long-term.

Craft CMS license & updates

One of the things that makes Craft CMS such a wonderful solution, is the support and ongoing dedication of the creators - Pixel & Tonic.

This brilliant team works tirelessly to ensure that their software is loved by developers and clients alike, with new updates shipping on weekly basis. This core team has a shared vision for the future and invests time into rapidly fixing issues, vetting plugins and continually striving to improve every aspect of the Craft CMS offering.

To make this possible, there is a one-off license fee of $299 USD. This includes a year of free updates, which are then charged at $59 USD per subsequent year.

We require our clients to hold their own licenses directly with Pixel & Tonic.

Building a website with Craft CMS

If you're interested in owning a Craft CMS website, please do give us a call so that we can provide specific & relevant information about the platform.

The cost of actually building a website on Craft CMS, will depend on several factors such as the design, content and volume of website traffic. You can find out more about how we build websites, by visiting our websites page.

If you want us to host and support your Craft CMS website, we will handle the launch of your website. Alternatively, if you want to host and support your website elsewhere, we can provide the entire website in a handover format upon form sign-off.

Further reading

If you'd like to learn more about Craft, we highly recommend the Craft Guides page on the official Craft CMS website. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us directly and we would be happy to answer your questions.