A website is only as great as its hosting infrastructure

Our goals for the web hosting service we provide, have always been simple;

  1. A purpose-built infrastructure, exclusively for our clients
  2. Security as a top priority throughout
  3. Robust, scalable and zero downtime
  4. Rapid loading speeds across the entire planet
  5. Zero hassle for every client; a completely hands-off solution

Infrastructure in partnership with Digital Ocean

We are not a hosting package reseller and our servers don't have Plesk control panels. Instead, we have partnered with the tech wizards over at Digital Ocean, who provide us with all of the hardware and core services that we need, to deliver an outstanding hosting service for our clients.

  • Secure web servers
  • Managed database servers
  • Load balancers
  • Detachable data volumes
  • Firewalls, monitoring & advanced networking tools

The specific configuration of services will depend on the website and clients needs.

Secure end-to-end encryption, as standard

SSL certificates are now critically important as the internet steadily moves towards 'encryption as standard' for all websites. In fact, Google already penalises websites for not having SSL as standard, meaning that non-SSL sites will have a harder time getting onto that all-important first page of Google (for chosen keywords or brand name).

For us, the decision was simple... Every site we build, uses LetsEncrypt SSL certificates as standard.

Ultimate protection and global superiority with CloudFlare

The next piece of the puzzle, involves protecting our client sites (and hosting servers) from bots, hackers and malicious users. Once upon a time, this was a very difficult task. Then CloudFlare came along and changed the internet forever.

  • World class protection against bots, crawlers, hackers and malicious users, solidified by an unrivalled amount of blacklist data
  • Global full-page caching at over 200 locations around the world, leading to rapid page load speeds for all visitors
  • Comprehensive compression of assets (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.)
  • Impenetrable 'under attack' mode to protect from rare botnet attacks
  • Find out more at https://www.cloudflare.com/cdn/

Use of CloudFlare is included in our baseline support & maintenance package.

Domains & DNS

A domain, such as darwinsoftware.co.uk, can be thought of as the street address for your website.

In the same way that we don't use longitude and latitude values to share locations of properties in the physical world, we also don't give out the server IP addresses when people want to find our sites. Instead, we use domain names which are far easier to remember and allow for traffic to be redirected to an alternate location, if necessary.

So how does it all work?

In short, a domain has a list of instructions (DNS) attached to it, which controls the behaviour of website traffic, emails and much more.

We handle all of this for our clients, by hosting the DNS for their domains. All of our clients still retain full ownership and control of their domain, via their chosen registrar.

The ultimate hands-off experience

So long as you're with us, you'll never have to deal with web hosting issues again.